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Dead Sea Minerals and why They good for you

What are Dead Sea Minerals and why They good for you

One of Sea of Spa key ingredients – Dead Sea minerals.
You may have already tried Dead Sea salts or other mineral skin care products.
But what you may not know is that it is the high concentration of minerals in these natural products that makes them so effective at healing and beautifying skin.

So what are these minerals and what do they actually do?

 Dead Sea Salt

The fact is your skin needs minerals to function properly and to maintain it’s natural moisture balance. When the skin’s moisture balance gets out of whack problems such as dry, flaky skin or overly oily, acne prone skin can occur.

The problem is that throughout our daily lives our skin’s minerals are depleted causing skin to look dull and overly dry or overly oily.

The unique thing about Dead Sea salt is that it contains minerals in a very high concentration – a concentration that is not found naturally anywhere else on the planet!

It’s natural health and well being.

Face and body creams that are made with Dead Sea minerals

have the same effect on the skin where they are applied.

Magnesium – This well-known therapeutic mineral helps promote regeneration of skin tissue and cells, acts as an anti-allergenic agent on the skin,

improves cell metabolism, stimulates protein synthesis and facilitates energy production.

Bromine - Soothes your skin with anti-inflammatory properties, calms and relaxes muscles and calms skin nerves.

Iodine - improves functioning of the thyroid gland and helps the skin cells’ metabolic exchanges.

Sulfur – Is a known therapeutic mineral. Contains certain essential vitamins and is a natural disinfectant and anti-bacterial

agent – thus making it effective against acne. Has also been shown effective to help relieve symptoms of skin disorders such as Psoriasis and Eczema.

 Potassium – is a key moisture regulator and helps preserve a neutral skin environment.

 Signs of potassium deficiency include abnormally dry skin and acne as well as flare ups of Psoriasis.

 Calcium - is the building block for corrective tissue under the skin’s surface and plays an important role in cell protection. Regulates cell membrane permeability (absorption and oil production) and normalizes skin cells’ differentiation.

 Sodium – Improves the skin cells metabolism, relieves muscle cramps and stiffness while maintaining a neutral environment within skin cells.

 Zinc – This mineral is important for natural regulation of cell growth and regeneration. Also facilitates cell renewal and stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis (renews skin). A great anti-oxidant this mineral is a free radicals scavenger. It also improves sebo-regulation (anti-acne properties), anti-inflammatory properties and is a natural UV rays blocker.

 Strontium - has effective anti-itching properties, reduces the signs of irritant contact dermatitis (a common problem for those with sensitive skin who regularly use cosmetics)

 Manganese – Well known for powerful anti-oxidant properties. It also increases skin micro-circulation (which promotes better anti-aging effects) and improves the condition of connective tissues.

 Lithium - increases the effectiveness of bath salt treatment for psoriasis.

 Boron - replenishment of the Boron mineral helps to relieve the symptoms of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.In addition to these essential minerals; the salt, mud, and aromatic oils from the plants that grow around the Dead Sea, and even the effect that the amount of annual sunlight has on these ingredients, 
contribute to the raw materials used in Sea of Spa Dead Sea products.


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