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Dead sea Lifting Serum


Original, patented sesame-based molecular combination. The tightening agent Sesaflash instantly and visibly smoothes the skin. Rejuvenation, firmness, moisture-replenishment and comfort guaranteed (proven in vivo effect) for your anti-ageing formulas.


Erases wrinkles thanks to its "tightening" effect – Flash effect

Moisturizing effect persists after 4 hours

 Skin comfort and softness on application


SeasFlash is a new generation tightening agent. The patented molecular active ingredient combination contains sesame to instantly and visibly smooth the skin, as well as tighten it. Sesaflash also incorporates an effective long lasting hydrating effect.

Backed by in vivo studies substantiating the tightening action, wrinkle releasing effect, sensorial experience and moisturization level, SesaFlash can be used in all types of applications where smoothing, tightening, firming, anti-aging or moisturizing properties are desired.

The structure of Sesaflash:
SesaFlash® is an original patented molecular combination that has been selected following the combination of the creator's expertise in pharmaceuticals, polymers and biology. During its development, sensory perception screening tests were performed in thier application laboratories in order to select the most relevant molecular combinations.

Visualization of the Immediate Anti Wrinkle Effect:

Before Application                                   ONLY 5 MINUTES after Application


The “extra Benefit” of a real skin moisturizing effect:
More than simply a tightening agent with an immediate action, SesaFlash®
also provides the skin with REAL hydration.
The moisturizing effect of a solution containing 10% SesaFlash® diluted in
water was evaluated following application to the forearms of 15 volunteers
with dry skin: corneometric measurement after 30 minutes, 2 and 4 hours
following application of the solution. The results were amazing... all volunteers experienced deeply moisturized skin after the test.

The microalga Dunaliella salina is unique: its natural habitat is in salt lakes that have a salinity which is nine times higher than the salinity of sea water.

Since Dunaliella salina is continually exposed to all kinds of stress, such as high osmotic pressure, high UV and oxygen levels, it is considered as a stress manager.

To withstand these conditions the microalga needs a lot

of energy.

In vivo

1. An in vivo test was conducted with 20 volunteers applying a test treatment containing 3% Dunaliella salina for 4 weeks. It was demonstrated that Dunaliella salina 

significantly improves cell turnover, expressed as variation of decoloration.

Results are significant.

2. The efficacy of Dunaliella salina was performed in an in vivo study with 30 volunteers applying a test gel

containing 3% Dunaliella salina  over 4 weeks.

After a clinical evaluation by trained dermatologists, it was demonstrated that the luminosity of the skin was improved by 87%, the brightness was improved by 80% and the

transparency was improved by 80%.

Additionally the volunteers completed a self-evaluation questionnaire: Skin improvement on complexion, radiance and moisture was perceived by about 70% of the volunteers.

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