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Rebbe Nachman's Torah - Vol. 3 by rabbi chaim kremer

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Rebbe Nachman's Torah: Breslov Insights into the Weekly Torah Reading - Vol. 3

Rebbe Nachman's teachings are filled with new and refreshing ideas for getting the most out of life. Blending far-reaching insight with eminently practical advice, the Rebbe turns the time-honored books of Jewish tradition into contemporary manuals for personal success.

This first-ever compilation of Breslov thought on the Five Books of Moses, known as the Torah, shows the Rebbe at his best: extracting the hidden messages in the familiar verses to reveal an entirely new way of looking at the Torah and at life. His words speak directly to our hearts, imbuing them with clarity and purpose.

Come, take the Rebbe's path and hear what the Torah has to say to you!

Hardcover.,416 Pages.