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A one-of-a-kind liquid salt, with a high concentration of Dead Sea minerals, 32%, Liquid Dead Sea Salt brings the power of the Dead Sea’s 21 skin-friendly minerals to the comfort of your shower. Minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium support skin’s renewal, help skin’s natural detoxification and purification process, strengthen skin’s defenses, and boost skin’s moisture levels. The wonders of the Dead Sea in the convenience of your shower.


Experience the power of the Dead Sea at home
Rebalances skin naturally
Hydrates and exfoliates for smooth, soft skin
Strengthens skin’s natural defense system


AHAVA’s proprietary blend of Dead Sea minerals, Osmoter™, elevates skin’s moisture
Dunalliela Salina Algae, a natural form of retinol, strengthens and protects the skin
Vitamin E nourishes
Grapefruit skin oil supports skin renewal, naturally conditioning and purifying

Massage over entire body, avoiding the face. Leave product on for 2 minutes before entering the shower, then rinse well. May also be used in a warm bath instead of mineral bath salts.



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