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David and Goliath sculpture

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Silvered David and Goliath sculpture, created using electroforming process. The design made using formation of a layer of “925 sterling silver” over a mold of resin.
All sculptures have a clear coat on top to prevent tarnishing. No need to polish ever. Each piece is given individual attention, making each a unique and fully guaranteed piece of craftsmanship.

Size: 5.5 x  5.9 inch, 14 x 15 cm

David destroyed Goliath by virtue of his faith in God, who was with David during this very unevenly matched battle, a giant (about 9 feet tall) Goliath against a young and inexperienced David, the shepherd boy. David killed Goliath with just one perfectly aimed stone from his sling shot. 
When your faith in God is with you, you will always win!


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