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18K Gold David Star with Hebrew Letter "M"

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18k gold Star of David pendant with Hebrew letter 'M" - Made by Michael Gilichinsky 

This pendant is made of 18k gold and partly blackened with special patina. 

The Star of David, also known as Magen David, or the Shield of David is a quiet modern Jewish symbol. Among the centuries it was used not only by Jews, but also by Muslims and Christians.
It is so known and very famous for it's elegant geometric design, symmetry and very deep symbolism. It is also used in Kabbalah, mystic Jewish science connected to the inner structure of the world.
The letters of Jewish alphabet also have mystical sacred meanings. We believe that, according to Zohar, the main kabbalah book, they existed long before the world was created. And the G-d created the world using them as a material. 
That is why i decided to connect those two meaningful symbols in one unique piece of jewelry.
Hej is often used to represent the name of God, as Hej stands for Hashem, which means The Name and is a way of saying God without actually saying the name of God.

This pendant could be a present for those, whose name starts with letter "M"
Great Bar/Bat Mitzvah, birthday or any other holiday present!

Handmade item

Pendant height: 0.79 Inches

Pendant width: 0.79 Inches
Materials: blackened, patina, yellow gold 18k