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Evil Eye Kabbalah Protection bracelet

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This Kabbalah bracelet for protection against the evil eye is inscribed in  powerful protection motifs. 

Made from leather, the silver part is inlaid with a Turquoise gem, creating the kind eye motif. The kind eye refers to the positive energies that shield a person from any evil. 

The silver part is engraved In Hebrew with the verse:" Work in my behalf a sign for good" (book of Psalms: 76) . 
Below the phrase Ben Porat Yoseph is engraved. According to the book of Genesis, when our father Jacob blesses his youngest son , he calls him Ben Porat Yoseph, which means a fruitful , abundant son. Since Joseph is considered a righteous man in Jewish tradition, it has become a custom to use this verse as a virtue for blessing and protection against negative energies.
The bracelet is also inscribed with the sacred 72 Names of God, a powerful Kabbalist tool.


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