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The Chrysoberyl success and prosperity Pendant.

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The Chrysoberyl success and prosperity Pendant.

This key-shaped Kabbalah necklace is made from Sterling silver. The top part of the pendant is decorated with 9K gold and a Chrysoberyl gem (Cat's Eye). Along the top part a psalm is beautifully engraved: "But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD" (book of Genesis, 6:8).

According to sacred Kabbalist sources, the key is a symbol of success and prosperity. All the handcrafted pendants are made of Sterling silver and gold. The buttom part of the key necklace is shaped as the Hebrew letter Peh (פ), while the hollow part of the letter is shaped like the Hebrew letter Bet (ב) in a Biblical style writing. The letter Peh which stands for godly speech creates the letter Bet -  thus symbolizing Creation, that is – God in His speech has created the world.

chain size:     18 in / 45cm