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Tikun Five Metals Hava Ring for Blessing and Keepsake

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This ring is made of 9k gold and the blend of five diferent metals (gold, silver, bronze, tin and lead) 
The Kabala explains that the mix of this five metals bring blessings and spiritual energies.
The ring has engraved the name of Hava (eve) which its numerical value per each  letter represent the shields of Abraham, Solomon and David.
Which translate to the change of redemption encoragement, beauty, equality and inner balance.
The ring is manually engraved with a verse of Psalm 91 "For He will give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways"
This verse is a virtue for protection and keepsake on the road.
Inside the ring is inscribed in Hebrew with two of the 72 Names: Alef-Dalet-Lamed for Protection and Alef-Kaf-Alef for Creativity.