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Kabbalah Ring for Love and Blessing

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Set with a pearl, this unique Kabbalah ring is made of sterling silver and 9K gold. This exceptional ring specially designed for love and blessing. The Kabbalah ring is inscribed with a portion of a verse from the book Song of Songs, written by King Solomon: "I sought him whom my soul loveth" (chapter 3, 1). The ring is also engraved with two three-letter combinations in Hebrew that spell four of the 72 Names of God along with the corresponding psalms from Kabbablist texts.
Shin-Alef-Heh– is believed to possess a 'Segula', a special quality for matchmaking and love.

Hey-Hey-Ayne- is for finding unconditional love.
Alef- Yud-Ayne for hope and heavenly matchmaking . 
Mem-He-Shin for health and cure 
Ayne-Resh-Yud – for self confidence , faith and higher sense of certainty in life.