Ana BeKoach

The Ana BeKoach (Ana BeCoach or Ana B’Koach) prayer was written in the first century by a great kabalistic Rabbi – Rabbi Nehonia. The prayer was written according to the seventy names of God – a term related to Abraham. The Ana BeKoach is composed of seven lines, with six words in each line. The first letter of every word is taken, thereby creating the 42-letter name.

The combination of Ana BeKoach is hidden in the first 42 letters of the book of Genesis (From the word BERESHIT to the word VAVOHOO). The letters are translated using a secret kabalistic calculation.

The Ana BeKoach prayer can be found in the Shaharit and Mincha prayers, and in the Shabbat prayer before Lecha Dodi. Today, Ana BeKoach is somewhat ignored, and in many prayers it is no longer used. The Ana Becoach prayer is greatly evaluated by spiritual and kabalistic followers that know of the great influence found in this 42-letter combination.
Another representation of the Ana Bekoach is the 7 leaf Menorah. King David meditated on this for hours before entering into battle.

Ana Bekoach Prayer
1. Please, with the might of your right, untie the bundle:
2. Accept your people’s prayer song, heighten, purify us, Mighty one:
3. Please hero, your uniqueness worshippers, guard them closely:
4. Bless them purify them, your rightfulness mercies, always reward:
5. Immune, proud, with your good will, manage your people:
6. Single, proud, address your people, who remember your holiness:
7. Accept our plead, and hear our cry, he who knows histories:
Blessed be his kingdom’s honor for ever:

Each line relates to the 7 Sepherot of the Tree of Life
Each line relates to the Days of the Week starting with Sunday

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