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    Nature & Parks Bat Yam Boardwalk

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      Free Entrance
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      Bat Yam
    About Bat Yam Boardwalk
    Bat Yam’s famous boardwalk, named for its beautiful beaches and excellent location, is undergoing a refreshing revolution: Bat Yam will launch the new promenade, which is about to become the most intriguing attraction in the Dan region.
    A lot of investment in recent years has turned the promenade and the beach strip in Bat Yam into a center of cultural, recreational and leisure activities.
    The new promenade was designed to meet both the busy daily life on the beach and temporary events such as fairs, stalls and the Street Theater Festival, which takes place every year in the city. Much thought has been invested in the connections between the urban promenade and the beach promenade, through a system of tribunes and terraces, which bridges the differences in height and allows seating in front of the open sea. At the end of the process, the promenade will connect the beaches of Rishon LeZion, Bat Yam, Jaffa promenade to Tel Aviv.
    Another intriguing attraction planned on the promenade is water shows of various types: jet fountain, mirrored pool and jumbo jets. In addition to them, along the promenade, there are gardens and amusement parks for children, and the public passageways will include a “ceiling of stars” – a system of hanging lanterns designed by the top designers Herzog and Damron.This is not yet all: The new promenade will also incorporate special street furniture. To this day, no such furniture is used in Israel or the world – bar tables, sunbeds, folding benches and wavy benches, wide benches – all for free use by the general public

    Opening Hours

    Sun-Sat: Always open