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    Nature & Parks Manara Cliff

    • Price Range
      80 NIS - 225 NIS
    • Neighborhood
      Kiryat Shmona
    About Manara Cliff

    Manara is an empowering Galilee region located on Naphtali Ridge, in the Upper Galilee. It suits the needs of nature, sports and challenge enthusiasts and is also well-suited to people connected to an Xtreme style of life. The activities at the Manara Cliff Park are a unique experience that gets the adrenalin pumping and quickens the pulse, to push the limits of the extreme and propel our visitors to new records and heights. No matter your age, any time, you are invited to recalibrate the boundaries of your extreme and to experience new pinnacles of satisfaction, excitement and bonding with nature.


    Opening Hours

    april-June: 10:00-16:00
    July: 10:00-16:00
    August: 9:30-18:00
    October-march: 11:00-15:00

    TEL: +972-4-6905830