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      Tel Aviv
    About Nachlat Binyamin

    Nachlat Binyamin Arts and Crafts fair is the first and biggest of its kind in Israel and one of the most beautiful markets of its kind in the world. The Art Fair is a very special experience. Surrounded bybeautiful historical buildings, some recently passed strict preservation process and now can be seen in their original beautiful historical design. Full of unique hand made creations and designs,street  performances, live music and coffee shops all of that makes the Art Fair A must during your stay in Tel-Aviv, It’s a great place to find original and special gifts for the people you love and to yourself, There are over 220 artists at the fair…So…
    Come and visit us at the fair


    Opening Hours

    The fair is open on
    Tuesdays and Fridays
    10:00 to 17:00-18:00