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    Night Life Three Monkeys Pub

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    About Three Monkeys Pub

    The Monkeys Pub is a name in Eilat. There is no one who once was in the city and does not know him or did not hear about him. The truth? Rightly. The pub offers a fun experience that you will not find anywhere else: outdoor tables that go to the beach, a wonderful atmosphere, good people and especially – happy music that you hear from a distance. And that’s before we even started talking about the menu …On the menu, you will find a lot of meat, sandwiches, salads and desserts that will blend nicely with the selection of drinks you can find at the bar.The Monkeys offers a winning experience combining food, drink, dancing, live performances, good music and a lot of atmosphere and in short – an experience that is simply not to be missed. So … do not say, “We did not see, we did not hear, we did not know.” Come on to The Monkeys. We’re already there.



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    TEL: +972-53-8095180