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    Shopping Zichron Yaakov Pedestrian Mall

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      Zichron Yaakov
    About Zichron Yaakov Pedestrian Mall
    Zichron Yaacov, perhaps the most famous of the well-known philanthropic settlements, Baron Rothschild, began its journey as an Arab village and became one of Israel’s favorite tourist cities today. A tour along the founders’ street and the Zichron Wine Route will bring you together with the history, personalities and stories between these two points of time alongside attractions, galleries and restaurants in a magical atmosphere.

    The tour of Zichron Yaacov begins at the gate of Yishai and continues along Ha-Maysyadim Street and Hanadiv Street. It is also recommended to combine a visit to “Aharonson House” and Carmel’s wineries, and another enjoyable family experience awaits you at the Tut Gallery.


    Opening Hours

    Always open

    TEL: +972-4-6398811