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Talisman – Everything You Need to Know About it & Their Meanings

There are a lot of theories, stories, and myths surrounding talisman and their role in our world today. We’re going to clear that up for you. Talisman (derived from the Greek verb “teleo,” which means to bring into effect) is an object marked with magic signs that is believed to conjure supernatural power or protection. […]

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Atlantis Ring – The Story Behind the Myth

Atlantis Ring – The Story Behind the Myth Bearing the Atlantis ring close to one’s body is believed to bring a virtue –segula in Hebrew – to the various aspects of one’s life. Many women and men wear the ring as a talisman for protection and blessing for it is believed to enhance personal growth and […]

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72 names of god

72 Names of God

The formula Moses accustomed to overcome the laws and regulations of character continues to be hidden within the Zohar for 2000 years.This formula is known as the 72 Names of God. Not names like Betty, Bill and Barbara, but 72 sequences made up of Hebrew letters which have the remarkable energy to beat the laws and […]

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what is kabbalah

What is Kabbalah?

What is Kabbalah? Life is a beautiful, complex layering of laws and interdependent movements of matter and energy. Kabbalah is a systematic overview of how existence functions, on every level, from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic. Kabbalah is the basis of all religions, sciences, philosophies, and arts. Most of us, at some point in our life, […]

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red string bracelet

Red Bracelet, kabbalah Bracelet by Jewish Tradition

People all over the world follow different types of religions in order to get enlightenment about life

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Need to Buy the Latest Bar Mitzvah Gift for 2019?

It’s your nephew’s Bar Mitzvah and you’re unsure what to get him? We know it’s a special day for the boy, and you don’t want to disappoint him.

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