Parasha of The Week


Parashat Vayelech

Parashat Vayelech Deuteronomy 31:1–30 The Parshah of Vayelech (“and he went”) recounts the events of Moses’ last day of earthly life. “I am one hundred and twenty years old today,” he says to the people, “and I can no longer go forth and come in.” He transfers the leadership to Joshua, and writes (or concludes writing) the Torah in a scroll which he entrusts to the Levites for […]

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Parashah Shelach

Parashah Shelach – Numbers 13:1-15:41 In Parashah Shelach Moses sends twelve spies to the Land of Canaan. Forty days later they return, carrying a huge cluster of grapes, a pomegranate and a fig, to report on a lush and bountiful land. But ten of the spies warn that the inhabitants of the land are giants […]

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