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    Corporate and group events need to be inspiring. Achieve your business goals and deliver your message to your audience in the most engaging and inspirational way.

    With Holysands, we plan and produce highly tailored and creative events for businesses as well as Israeli public diplomacy.

    We provide full coverage of event planning services. From print production and advertising, to hosting and guest seating,

    Holysands makes sure that companies, organizations, non-profits, and Israeli organizations deliver highly impactful messages—same goes to you! We will help you with:

    • Advertisement via leading media publications to get the maximum exposure.
    • Print production for branding.
    • Hostess that speak multiple languages.
    • Seating arrangement and guest seating.
    • Active content stations.
    • Shows and artistic content.
    • Identification tags.
    • Video conferencing equipment.

     We are looking forward hearing from you!

    Contact us: or in our contact us page