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    Rosh Hashana – How to design your Table

    Rosh Hashanah, the holiday that will open the New Year, brings with it a great yearning for a majestic and prestigious table and a true royal palace atmosphere as befitting such a holy day.
    After we decided this year host for the holiday meal, we cooked all the best food but we still finds herself busy: decorating the holiday table in a minimal mirror, clean and still impressive and unique. The contemporary design of the holiday table combines pure white, pure silver, a bit of crystal, and especially restrained minimalism. “It’s easy to design a holiday table like this,” experts say.

    Thanks to the pure silver, which is already present in every Jewish home, styling will be meticulous but prestigious. The right combination is to choose a white basket that will not steal the show and to cover the table with pure silver utensils that symbolize the holiday from the beginning to the present: impressive apple-shaped hamburgers, shiny serving dishes, candlesticks, a kiddush cup with traditional reliefs, fish as a decorative element “And more”. There is no doubt that the silver vessels are part and parcel of the Jewish holiday tradition, and in many homes we find such items inherited from generation and generation and are considered family assets whose emotional value is no less than their material value. “A holiday table decorated with pure silver, Of sharing, tradition and family, which we all enjoy to enjoy, whether on a daily basis or on special holiday eves.

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