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    Israel Landmarks Jerusalem Old City

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    About Jerusalem Old City

    The old City of Jerusalem is a UNESCO world heritage site that is home to the the hearts of three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This Holy City is the home for more history, archaeology spirituality and religion than any other place in the world. As you walk down the old city’s magical cobblestone alleys, Listen to the stories the ancient walls whisper. The city is divided into four quarters, each one more beautiful than the next. The Christian, Muslim, Armenian and Jewish quarters all weave together a fascinating and intricate story of this holy place. From the famous Arab “Shuk” to the Sacred Temple mount, you won’t want to leave. These is a huge variety of great things to do while visiting including the City of David, King David’s Tomb, The Western wall and the very room in which Last Supper took place.

    Old City, Jerusalem

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