Israel Landmarks Jaffa Old City

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    Tel Aviv- Jaffa
About Jaffa Old City

Jaffa, Also known as “Yaffo” is the ancient port city out of which Modern Tel Aviv has grown. Jaffa is one of the world’s oldest ports, in fact it was the very port from which the prophet Jona embarked from in the Bible. Feel free to visit the Old Jaffa visitors center to see multimedia displays depicting the history of Jaffa throughout history, as well as self-guided tours around the port city. Jaffa is unique in the way that Jews and Israeli Arabs live so closely intertwined. It is visible to see the mixed population just by walking around the old streets. Visiting the Jaffa Flea Market or “shuk Hapishpishim” is a Must if you like to haggle and are up for a cultural experience. Allow yourself to take a walk through this magical old city and take in the beauty of the unique mosques, churches, ancient clock towers, sculptures, museums and galleries. You will be enchanted by the golden light reflecting on the old stones as the sun is setting.

Jaffa, Tel Aviv 61000, Israel

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