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    Israel Landmarks Western Wall – The Kotel

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    About Western Wall – The Kotel

    The Westerm Wall, in Hebrew – “Hakotel Hamaaravi” is the holiest of the Jewish sites, and is an absolute must see regardless of your religion. The Western Wall is the last remnant of the latest Jewish Temple, renovated by King Herod and dated back to 37BCE. Today the “Kotel Hamaaravi”, also famously known as “the Wailing Wall” because of its reputation for being a holy prayer site for Jews from all over Israel and the world. At any given hour you will find people praying, silent, loud, young, old, observant and not. The memorable sight of so many people praying will overcome you with emotion whether you are a believer or not. Many jewish Bar/Bat-Mitzvah ceremonies take place at this sacred site, welcoming everyone to join in on the celebration. It is customary to write notes or letters to god with prayers and requests and to cram them in between the old stones who hold stories of over 2000 years.


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