Inspiring a new age of fine jewelry worn by individuals of diverse backgrounds and beliefs, our Seal of Solomon amulets and rings are handcrafted and designed by leading artisans in Israel. Made of fine quality silver, gold and stones, hallmarked to preserve mystical codes that change lives, Seal of Solomon jewelry guards the hearts and lives of those wearing it. Bestowing all those who wear a version of the 44 seals of Solomon with deep insight and wisdom, necklaces and all pieces intricately replicate the various engravings of symbols, letters, angels’ names, codes, and acrostics of biblical verses originally found on the famous ring Solomon wore.

In biblical times, the royal was granted the ring to communicate with angels, spirits, animals, while also controlling evil for the sake of mankind. Solomon’s ring was his tool to restoring peace and order, alongside running a monarchy based on logic, equality, the drive to contribute to reconstruction, repair and justice.

Shielding us from the evil eye, spirits and allowing us to live harmoniously with ourselves and others, while leveraging our spiritual wellness, self-empowerment and deep wisdom from times of antiquity and the bible, King Solomon’s seal provides eternal protection. It’s a symbolic treasure that safeguards the hearts of individuals everywhere, transforming destinies and infusing a sense of security into the lives of those wearing pendants, rings or any form of Solomon seal jewelry.

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