We are delighted to introduce to you an ancient source of wisdom – The Seal of King Solomon. These seals bear the ancient wisdom of King Solomon. This powerful source of wisdom can bestow harmony to everyone in everyday life.

According to tradition, the Seals originated from King Solomon’s ring – the wisest of all men. He wore a ring on which were engraved symbols, letters, names of angels, codes and acrostics of biblical verses.

King Solomon’s Seals are here for people to use and designed while putting maximum effort in accurately preserving their shape, original and authentic languages (Hebrew script) as reported in the bible so people can connect to an ancient source of knowledge and enjoy the same energy that had changed destinies in ancient times.

We introduce to you the complete collection of 44 Seals, containing different mystical codes that are intended to guard, protect, relax, heal people and help in difficult times in life.

All the 44 seals. From the 44 seals we pick the most popular ones and have had them made into silver, pewter and gold. All silver and gold seals have been hallmarked on the inside of the loop in order to preserve the mystical code.

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