The Star of David has become one of the most recognizable and quintessential symbols of Judaism over the last five centuries, echoing the legendary shield of biblical figure King David, with the Hebrew words Magen David literally translating to “Shield of David.” Our high quality and stunning collection of Star of David necklaces, rings, and other exclusive pieces of fine jewelry are each hand made and crafted from 14k gold and silver today’s leading Israeli jewelry designers.

A Deeper View: Star of David – Meaning & Mysticism

Composed of 2 overlapping, vertically oriented equilateral triangles, the star of David forms a hexagon at its center. One mystical interpretation indicates that each of the triangle’s three corners represent the unification of God, Torah (the Jewish bible, known as the second testament), and Israel, the Jewish holy land. The Kabballah, the book of Jewish mysticism, offers an interpretation that the 7 areas the two overlapping triangles of the Star of David form, (six within the corners of the smaller triangles formed, and the hexagon in the center), represent the 7 attributes with which God created the world: kindness, might/bravery, harmony, infinity, glory, foundation, and as ruler of the world, royalty.

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