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    Holy Land Christian Gift Set
    Holy Land Christian Gift Set
    • Round Haggadah
      Round Haggadah
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    • 925 Silver Roman Glass Jerusalem Pendant,Roman Glass Pendant ,Jewish Pendant
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    • Olive 3D wood Heart
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    Holy Land Christian Gift Set

    Holy Land Christian Gift: Each Holy Land gift set comes with carefully hand-selected religious items and accessories that any devout believer will appreciate making it the perfect choice for friends, family, and co-workers on Birthdays, Baptism, Mother’s or Father’s Day, Wedding, Christening, etc. ROSARY CATHOLIC NECKLACE: Our crystal bead rosary necklace combines crystal beads with a Jesus crucifix cross to bring you a beautiful and elegant piece of religious jewelry that will complement any occasion. The catholic rosary necklace is designed with a medallion in the middle filled with Holy Soil from The Holy Land, Jerusalem LASTING FRAGRANCE: The Myrrh and Rose of Sharon anointing oils have a refreshing scent. They’re made from Jerusalem Virgin Olive Oils and biblical spices ingredients to make sure they are ideal for blessing and anointing. Their aroma lingers around for longer to help you stay at peace MADE FOR BELIEVERS: The Prayer Shawl r tallit is the perfect choice for services, blessings, and prayers. It features a crown with a blessing and Tzitziot tied in corners as well as being embroidered with the Menorah, Star of David and Fish along with a Bible verse in English on the corners DECORATIVE & RELIGIOUS: We also include a Messianic Seal Mezuzah Case with Scroll for Door that features the Messianic Seal of Jerusalem  to help protect your home from evil while adding a religious yet decorative touch to your home décor to show your faith

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    About the product

    Whether you’re looking for a special Blessing  gift for your special one or family with a thoughtful gift, our religious Christian gift set has you covered. This religious gift set comes with a wide variety of religious accessories and items that will impress even the most devout believer. It includes a Men’s Messianic Shawl/Tallit, Crystal Beads Rosary Catholic Necklace, Brass Messianic Mezuzah Case with Scroll for Door, Olive Wood Cross with 4 Bottles (Anointing Oil, Jordan River Water, Holy Earth, and Incense) and 2 Anointing Oils from Jerusalem (Myrrh and Rose of Sharon) The rosary necklace for women and men with holy soil will provide just the right fit for most casual, formal and religious occasions. It’s ideal for both teens and adults that want to show off their faith while looking good. The Brass Messianic Mezuzah Case is handcrafted from the Holy Land making it the perfect addition to the décor of any home. We also include a Holy Land Elements Set that comes with Anointing Oil, Jordan River Water, Holy Earth, and Incense along with an Olive Wood Cross making this religious gift pack the perfect choice for use at home and Church. With beautiful detail and quality materials, this Holy Land gift set makes the perfect present for anyone that wants to say a prayer at home, religious celebrations or simply bring more peace into their life. Add a religious touch to your home or surprise a loved one with a thoughtful gift with our religious gift set!
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