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    Natural Dead Sea Body Mud
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    Natural Dead Sea Body Mud

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    About the product

    With the exclusive rights to sustainably harvest Dead Sea mud, AHAVA delivers 100% authentic, Dead Sea mud, the most mineral-rich mud on earth. Comprised of multiple layers of silt from the Judean mountains, infused with the mineral-rich water of the Dead sea, Dead Sea mud provides detoxing and soothing relief. A potent cleanser, able to absorb dirt, oil, and toxins while removing excess dead skin cells. Natural Dead Sea Body Mud improves skin’s texture for a smooth, soft surface with restored radiance. Also, ideal for helping to relieve pain from stressed out or inflamed muscles. The power of nature’s original spa, in your home. Benefits
      • :
        • Treats aching muscles, relieving soreness and pain from inflammation
        • Helps stimulate blood microcirculation
        • Refines skin’s texture, clarity, and tone
    Key Ingredients:
        • 100% authentic Dead Sea mud
    Directions For Use
        • Spread generously over body (avoid wounds), leave on 7-15 mins rinse with warm water.
        • Mud may be heated for maximum benefit.
        • CAUTION: Test the temperature of the mud before use. For external use only. Not for facial treatment.
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