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    Pomegranate Pure Seed oil
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    Pomegranate Pure Seed oil

    Seed Oil. Locked within the seeds of the pomegranate are many Compounds that can fight free radicals and help stall the effects of aging. Pomegranate seed oil is rich inAntioxidants, fatty acids and gentlephytoe strogens that work synergistically to help revitalize the skin,Resolve fine wrinkles and soothe minor skin irritations.Pomegranate is one of the only plant sources ofConjugated fatty acids and, in particular,punicic acid,Which is known to have therapeutic and preventiveProperties. Punic acid is abundant in pomegranate Seed oil.


    About the product

    Pomegranate seed oil, known for its many virtues Helps lower bad cholesterol Helps in inhibiting prostate cancer, and helps in treating breast cancer It reduces blood pressure and prevents the development of atherosclerosis Helps to cope with diabetes Known as anti-inflammatory Helps sexual function among men To lubricate cosmetic and aesthetic abilities such as Help with pigmentation problems Helps to slow the process of skin aging (anti aging) It provides dry and damaged skin . Pomegranate seed oil, which is produced in the pomegranate winery, is produced by natural process. The oil contains no other substances other than pure pomegranate oil Method of use: For health use, drip under the tongue 2-5 drops daily For use as a serum: Before bedtime, apply a little oil to a clean face around the mouth and eyes Can be used as a mask on the entire face for the night
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