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    Silver and 9K Gold Hamsa Necklace -
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    Silver and 9K Gold Hamsa Necklace - "Luck and blessing"

    Protect yourself, or someone special, with this beautiful pedant in the shape of a Hamsa, known to bring luck and keep the evil spirits away.


    About the product

    Protect yourself, or someone special, with this beautiful pedant in the shape of a Hamsa. It brings luck and keeps the evil spirits away. Specially designed by our craftsman, this pendant features a floral vine pattern and a 9k gold heart on the front side. On the edges, the engraved words, Mazal and Bracha, meaning luck and blessings, respectively. Buy this pretty necklace for the love of your life today This unique Hamsa necklace comes in 925 sterling silver with an engraved 9k gold heart at its center. The Hamsa necklace protects you and your loved ones from all evil. It keeps the negative powers away from its powerful religious origin. The Hamsa necklace brings luck, happiness and joy to its wearer and those around him/her. The Hamsa necklace has a floral vine pattern engraved on it with the 9k radiant gold. At the center carved in a heart shape, the heart represents true eternal love. This jewel of grace and magnificence has inscribed on it two Hebrew words, "Mazal" and "Bracha" meaning "Luck" and "Blessing". The silver and 9k gold Hamsa necklace is a unique traditional piece of work but remodeled to meet modern standards. Credited for this marvelous design and creation is the notable jewel maker, Ha'ari Jewelry. Ha'ari Jewelry studio sets jewel admirers awe-struck with astonishing works from their creative craftsmen. They are setting the bar high in jewelry production. People from around the world shop for items designed by Ha'ari jewelry. The silver and 9k gold Hamsa necklace worn for multiple settings, both indoors and outdoors is a pretty accessory. With the touch of sterling silver and engraved gold, the necklace goes splendidly well with an evening attire or casual wear. This classical unique designed to look light and delicate for her. Besides it serves as a gorgeous gift to present to a lady.  It supports attached to a brace by a silver chain on the Hamsa necklace. With the words, luck and blessing inscribed on the Hamsa, this gives a sentimental meaning for the spiritual-minded. The silver and 9k Hamsa necklace with luck and blessing inscriptions comes (2 X 1 cm / 0.8" X 0.4") in size.
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