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Silver hamsa with patina Open-work hamsa Square judaica pendant Jewish Jewelry Sacred Jewelry kabbalah necklace Bat mitzvah gift From Israel

Very tender and unique everyday pendant. The hamsa hand symbolizes the ""Hand of God"".

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About the product

Silver Hamsa with Patina Open-Work Hamsa Square Judaica Very tender and unique everyday pendant. The hamsa hand symbolizes the ""Hand of God"". It is a Middle Eastern protection charm known for its two forms.They are regular hand and two symmetrical thumbs, which is the most popular form. The hamsa hand derives its meaning from "The Tree of Life", varying from cultural interpretation. The Jewish faith uses the word "Hamsa" to define the five fingers on the hand with two thumbs. Whereas the Arabic faith uses the word ""Hamsa"" to define the five pillars of protection. Great Bar/Bat Mitzvah, birthday or any other holiday present! In a shade of dark sterling silver this pendant boldly displays the Hamsa palm. The hamsa palm has been delicately carved out from the silver base. The Hamsa is popular omen in the Jewish and Muslim community. It symbolizes protection known as "the hand of Hamsa/the hand of Miriam" in the Jewish community. But called "the hand of Fatima or the Khamsa" in the Muslim community. The Hamsa protects the bearer from all evil/mischievous auras that could cause harm to him/her. The silver Hamsa with patina open-work, features the Hamsa symbol with symmetrical inverted thumbs. The five fingers on the Hamsa has different meanings. According to the jews and Muslim they both have one thing in common "Protection". This stunning pendant has a simple and exquisite look to it, making it an amazing gift for him or her. The silver Hamsa open-work pendant supported by the silver laced Chain woven into the Hamsa design. This ingenious work of jewelry is a typical everyday jewelry. It is most people's choice on both casual and formal occasions. The Silver Hamsa with patina open-work is unique and elegant in style. Not many Hamsa pendants feature the open-work fashion. Looking for the perfect gift for him/her? Then the Silver hamsa with patina open-work is the one for you. The pendant comes in a size of "20 X 20 mm ( 0.79 x 0.79 inch)" and a neck length of "43 cm ( 17 inch)". *neck length varies.
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