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    Sliver Hamsa Hands Necklace
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    Sliver Hamsa Hands Necklace

    This Hamsa pendant is made of two Hamsa hand designs, made of sterling silver. Along the Silver Hamsa hand there are delicate palm lines engraved with their corresponding meaning : Heart, Wisdom, Life, Happiness.

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    About the product

    This is a unique piece of Hamsa designs that features the merge of two Hamsa crossed upon each other. The silver Hamsa hands necklace handcrafted with luxurious polished silver is elegant. Engraved on either sides of the Hamsa palms are religious Jewish symbols. It depicts one of God's sacred acronyms on one Hamsa and the other are Hebrew. Their texts inscribed with Heart, Life, Wisdom and Happiness in the Hebrew language. This Hamsa pendant made of two Hamsa hand designs made of sterling silver is simply stunning. The other Hamsa hand beautifully engraves itself with one of God's sacred names. Shaped as a hand with five fingers is the Hamsa hand known as the hand of Miriam. The sister of Moses and Aaron in Jewish tradition. The Hamsa hand believed to protect against the evil eye. It would be a protector for your loved one. The silver Hamsa hands necklace is a darling piece of jewelry. It is suitable for all outfits and occasions. It blends with other matching accessories. Its rich sense of religion and style makes this necklace a masterpiece. The silver Hamsa hands necklace held by a sterling silver encrusted chain sits pleasant on the neck without discomfort. The necklace worn by a man or woman comes in the touch of silver (a unisex color). The Silver Hamsa hands necklace crafted by Ha'ari jewelry. It is an accomplished jewelry making service in Israel. Jewelries are of high quality in elegance and magnificence. The products of Ha'ari Jewelry, earns them a prestigious name globally. Ha'ari Jewelry known for their crafts are such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. with Silver and Gold lacing. The silver Hamsa hands necklace has a size of 0.47" X 0.47" / 12 X 12 mm.
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