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    Sterling Silver Hamsa Necklace
    • 72 Names of God Kabbalah Necklace - The Wheel Necklace
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    • 72 Names of God Silver Bracelet
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    Sterling Silver Hamsa Necklace

    This unique Hamsa pendant in Oriental design is made from Sterling Silver. The pendant is decorated with a hanging Gold Hamsa with a Garnet gemstone in the middle.The pendant is engraved with three of the 72 names of God.

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    About the product

    This unique Hamsa pendant made from Sterling Silver is an oriental design. The pendant decorated with a hanging Gold Hamsa with a Garnet gemstone in the middle makes it a pure beauty. The pendant engraved with three of the 72 names of God provides it with the eternal power against all the odds. According to Kabbalah, the inscription of Aleph-Lamed-Dalet, the belief is that it provides strong protection against the Evil Eye. This pendant protects you from all the evil forces against you and also from those who set an evil eye against your growth and well-being. Mem-Hey-Shin possesses a special quality for bringing health and cure. Wearing this pendant ensures a healthy life protecting you from all the sickness and diseases. It keeps you free from all the downfalls and tends to provide you with a healthy life. In the Kabbalah, the combination of the three Hebrew letters, Shin-Aleph-Hey was to find new love. This would make a perfect gift for people who are in search of love in their life. It enhances the chances of finding love in the concerned person’s life. For those with partners, Kabbalah ascribes this combination to imbue relationships with mutual trust and understanding. If you want to gift this to a person who has already found a love in their life, then this pendant will improve their relationship in terms of belief and faith on each other providing them with a well understanding to live a happy life forever. This pendant would be suitable for all age groups as it has its own advantage for each and every type of person. So purchase this pendant to gift your loved one and enlighten their life and protect them from the evil eyes around them.
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