Talisman – Everything You Need to Know About it & Their Meanings

There are a lot of theories, stories, and myths surrounding talisman and their role in our world today. We’re going to clear that up for you. Talisman (derived from the Greek verb “teleo,” which means to bring into effect) is an object marked with magic signs that is believed to conjure supernatural power or protection. Virtually every religion in the history of the world has had some kind of talisman that represents healing, protection, or power.  Therefore, there are different kinds of talismans, as well as different roles that they play throughout the world. Let’s explore these classifications.

Astrology Talisman

Astrology Talisman

Since talismans can trace their roots to ancient metaphysical and cosmological word views in Hermetic and Neoplatonic Traditions, it’s no wonder these resources are used in the interpretation of astrology. Since astrology is concerned with worldly timing and yearly marks, the astrological procedure of electing the right time for a talisman is the same as electional astrology, which looks at auspicious times for different ventures or projects. With these talismans, people interpret zodiac dreams and forecasts.

Jewish and Kabbalah Talisman

red string braceletFive Metals and 9K Gold Hava (Eve) Ring - "For He will give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways"

Beyond astrology, there are also Jewish talismans, including the Star of David, a six-pointed star used as King David’s signature, Hamsa, known as the hand of Hamsa, used as an ancient talismanic way of averting the evil eye and protecting Hand of God, Five Metals Ring, believed to bring forth expansion and success since the talisman was created when Jupiter was close to earth, and the Tree of Life, representing the creation process from God the Creator as depicted in the Hebrew text.

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Egyptian Talisman

Egyptian Talismans

Ancient Egyptians had their talismans, including the Scarab Beetle, which is believed to push the sun along in the sky, keeping time, Ankh, which represents physical and eternal life, Heart, representing the heart that was removed during mummification, and the list goes on.

Christian Talisman

Gold Fish Necklace For Protection - "Ben Porat Yosef"

The cross is, of course, a talisman, representing the symbol of faith and everlasting life. There is also the fish, which represents  Jesus Christ, the abundance of the universe.

Buddhist Talisman

Lastly, we have Buddhist talismans, which include Buddha, the very foundation of Buddhism, selflessness, and connection to our world, Mandalas, beautiful sand colored displays that are wiped away to show impermanence, OM, representing the conscious, sleeping, and spiritual state of man, and lastly, the Tibetan Knot, representing the karmic consequences of our universe.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometrySliver and Precious Gems Tree of Life Necklace

What do all of these talismans have in common? Sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is a term used by scientists to process religious, philosophical, and spiritual beliefs in a mathematic perspective. Referred to as the language of God, sacred geometry symbols are believed to bring inner realities out into focus, uniting over consciousness and certain symbols, that can be present on the talismans. Based on the individual and unique designs, shapes, edges, etc. of these talismans, sacred geometry reflects what they stand for from a single view.

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The True Meaning of a Talisman

So what are the true meanings of talismans? Without an in-depth understanding of the religion and culture surrounding them, it’s hard to comprehend how important and infinite these symbols are for the people that believe in them.