Red String Bracelets – The Meaning of Wearing a Red String Bracelet

Red Bracelet, Kabbalah Bracelet by Jewish Tradition

Red string bracelets: The Significance of a Red String Bracelet in Judaism

Since the early days of the world and throughout the development of human culture many believed in the dangerous existence of the evil eye. This belief was rooted in different places, with no geographical or religious-cultural background or connection. The same universalized fear found expression in corrected prayers, customs, culture, education and even superstition, as well as in Judaism. As noted, the evil eye is known to Judaism and acceptance of its ability to put a person in a very high danger, sometimes to the point of mortal danger.

Its practical ramifications cause severe damage to livelihood, mating, home peace and health. Ibn Ezra explains: “For Balaam was an evil eye who was called evil, and in the evil of his eye he did evil” (Bamidbar 24), to teach us that the evil eye can graze in all areas and must be very careful. Further proof of this can be found in Midrash Tanhuma Parashat Va-yamu: “He gave her a talisman and said to her,” This mascot will be your evil eye. ” The Kabbala teaches that there are proven ways of protecting from the evil eye and exposes man to the range of possibilities for correct and appropriate advice and treatment, but in no reliable Kabbalistic source does the red thread indicate any virtues.

In recent years, a custom of red thread wrapping around the wrist, following the global mass influx into the field of Jewish mysticism in general and Kabbalah in particular. Interest in the wisdom of Kabbalah is indeed a worthy phenomenon, mentioned in the Zohar as it is about to happen. This approach to the treasures of Jewish knowledge gives learners additional aspects of the essence of life and the purpose of true existence in the world.

Wearing a red string is a custom in Judaism because many believe that it is closely associated with Kabbalah. Moreover, there is a belief that it will ward off bad luck to a greater extent. A bracelet is even tided with a bracelet that is thin in size. In many cases, a person will wear Kabbalah red string bracelet on the left wrist for preventing negative energy which exists outside of the body.

Why Red Color  for a String?

What does the red string bracelet mean? Red symbolizes both blood and fire which represents several things. Some of them include power, strength, and determination. Since blood purifies the human body, a red string bracelet will also do the same thing by controlling negative forces. It even gives ways for improving the lives of people who want to accomplish their goals with high success rates. The red strings even allow a person to stay away from sustaining positive energy levels for overcoming troubles while performing important works including spiritual activities.

The Theory Behind a Red String of Fate

Wearing a red string could be various things. People are wearing red strings bracelets as a fashion trend in the last couple of years and some others wear red string bracelets for religious purposes. Let’s explore the meaning of red string bracelet in the following cultures.

A red string is also a popular one in China and other Asian countries. The red string of fate is a theory developed from a Chinese legend that allows people to find their soulmates in certain situations. According to him, God will tie an invisible cord on the ankles of those who never met each other. The string contributes more to join two persons and separate them by the fingers. It enables each person to connect with the other person irrespective of time, place, or surroundings that can help to unite easily. In addition, the string may not break which serves as a matchmaker in a marriage. Moreover, the string makes feasible ways for joining two persons forever to lead a happy life.

Where to Buy the Red String Bracelet

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