What are the 12 tribes of Israel?

Israel has a long history when it comes to its people and culture. The ancient Israelites split into 12 tribes based on the belief that they are the real descent of Jewish Grandfather Jacob. They are the sons of Jacob and all of them possess different characteristics who received a different blessing from him and Moses based on their nature. One can find the names of 12 tribes of levitra for sale in australia psoasiliac stretches Israel in nandrolone decanoate the Bible that provides the valid points. The story of tribes is very interesting to read enabling a person to know more about oxymetholone tablets them in detail.

The Birth of 12 Tribes

Jacob, the father of 12 tribes escaped from his own brother and went to Egypt where he took asylum in his uncle’s house. Rachel is the beautiful cousin of Jacob and he wanted to marry her. Laban, Rachel’s father, told that they have to wait for seven years for getting married and Jacob agreed on the same. But Laban had some plans and he insisted Jacob marry his older daughter named Leah after seven years.

She gave birth to 6 sons and a daughter. Meanwhile, Jacob married Rachel as his second wife and she got envious over Leah as she is not able to produce children. As a result, she decided to give full rightsto maidservant Bilhah who served as a concubine to Jacob.Bilhah had two sons whom Rachel named as Dan and Naphtali.

Rachel also allowed another maidservant Zillah to continue as a concubine to Jacob who had two sons Gad and Asher. She even prayed to God for giving birth to children, God granted her wish soon and she delivered his first son Joseph. The Jacob family went back to Israel later and she gave birth to second son Benjamin. But she died immediately after his birth.

There are 12 sons and one daughter in Jacob’s family who are born from one father and four mothers. Reuben, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Simeon, and Levi are the 6 sons born to Leah who is the first wife of Jacob and Dinah is her daughter.

The 12 tribes entered the land of Canaan after wandering on the desert for 40 years. Moses is the only leader who guided them to conquer the land and he allotted an individual territory to each tribe for administration purposes.

Symbols on Flags

12 tribes of Israel symbols

The 12 tribes of Israel symbols on flags are different from each other. Jasmine plant is the symbol of Reuben’s flag and Simeon’s flag represented city of Shehem as his symbol. Levi depicted Priestly Breastplate on his flag while lion is the symbol flag of Judah. Snake is the flag symbol of Dan and Gazelle is the symbol represented by Naphtali. Gad’s flag symbol is the military camp and olive tree is the flag symbol of Asher. Sun and moon are the symbol of Issachar’s flag. Zebulun’s flag represented the ship and wolf on Benjamin’s flag. Bull is the symbol represented by Joseph Ephraim and Ream animal on the flag of Joseph Menasheh.